This category of work is a combination of digital manipulation and layers of traditional mediums.

Godsize Series

The inevitability of our own narcissism is as predictable as the fall of the ancient religions. Living our assumption of being made in God’s image has been the cornerstone of our existence/enlightenment. At the moment our civilization removes the “noun” GOD from its vocabulary, and employs the science and technology of its own birthright, we have become our own GOD. Our creation is Artificial Intelligence, and the cycle repeats itself, AI have become more intelligent than its maker…GODSIZE

I Want One Series

Our lives are forever changing into a digital world, becoming further removed from actual human experience. Communication and almost all forms of interaction are processed through a digital technology. Our advancement as individuals hinges on just how plugged in we become.

Myselves Series

I am citizen 303-##-####, no name or face, one of the 99%.
Is it GOD or .GOV in which I trust??? Is there a difference?? Who am I?
You will never know me but the IRS and NSA always has…and always will.
Exactly who are we?
What is relevant, the similarities or differences between us?
Our strength is in our numbers and being united is our only path to overcome the system that controls everything around us. We are not only defined by our lack of control of wealth, but more significantly our lack of political influence on our government. An order carefully maintained to insure a continuation of consolidated power among few, rather than representation of all of us.

In Whom We Trust Series

As human beings with only basic needs of food and shelter, we find ourselves walking down a very different path. All that we discover is that everything has a monetary value in contemporary culture.
All consumption has a negotiable price. A monetary standard printed on paper envelopes our lives. A belief in the system is the keystone by which ALL modern transactions occur. Enslaved by our means of provision, we turn the daily grind, expecting more each year.
While Fiscal Cliffs and Hyperinflation always remain on the horizon, the price of happiness seems further still. Steady and valiant we solider on…earning and paying the bills. Fed adjustments and Treasury notes overseas will steady the course for now. Forecasts of upward market swings tick by on the screen, driving us further into known unknowns.
The Economy is our life sustenance, a machine that provides and consumes our entire existence. A culture of CREDIT finds it harder each day, yet we sill hope for a lot more, never enough.
The illusion of SECURITY is a delicate balance,… It’s all “IN WHOM WE TRUST”

Blind Capitulation Series

Reflecting upon our culture proves less than a mirror, yet we find ourselves entrenched in the seduction of our ego.
We create value in the contempt, by transforming greed into apathetic complacency. Fixated on self-preservation, GOD has become a cognitive relevance of one’s narcissistic forbearance of self-control. Justification is merely a predictable taxation away.  Granted to those who deserve everything…exempt are the rest.
What was once a determination of will has been exchanged for a soft seat of entitlement. LOVE is LUST and happily doing so. The measure of worth can be traded in the economic exchange, if you have the right people. Shoes, watches, and corner offices define the stock of our shepherds, who pave the path to extinction.
Measurement of Life is a sliding scale more than a moving target. Buying the upper hand is the only trump card. “Wrong is Right” and “Taking is Giving”, depending on your media outlet. An insatiable conquest of governmental control under the guise of what is best for the children. We accept…we live…we forget…we repeat.
New is now, tomorrow may never exist. Credit IS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!! The sounds of the nature +”LIFE” = the buzz of an informational society…digital noise…it is more beautiful than a full moon thru the Wisteria, I have been told…
Well-done propaganda shapes our fragile opinions, but celebrities sell our souls back to us, with interest.  We find our “SELF” between the commercials. Canada has it on sale but it is not Lilly, and it is illegal if you don’t have your ticket punched. Permit only LOVE.
I am not for sale, but I am open to negotiation. I am still able to see beyond myself. My compass has been calibrated to MSNBC and CNN.…I deserve more! QE#28…is on the referendum ballot, and is union backed, by more than 129%, according to most blind polls (accuracy range -/+ 48.2%)
This is a disclaimer that absolves me from responsibility of manipulating your opinion. Monetary reimbursement for damages are limited to retail price only. Any additional costs incurred during or after use of such information are the sole responsibly of user, and manufacturer will not be held liable for any such irrationality. Use at your own risk and discretion. In other words…nothing!!

Paper Tiger Series

We The People… find ourselves being protected by and under enslavement by the same means. Rule of law has become a cyclical matter that is manipulated differently with each cycle of administration, rather than the will of the people. We have become a culture that does not even remember its most recent past. The politics of our system has suppressed our interest in how we are governed, and inflamed our emotional reaction to everything. Our Constitution bears only the strength we allow it.

Becoming Again Series

We are bound by our fate, restrained by will, and divided by our system. Our will to overcome and persevere diminishes more with each passing generation… Even when only skeletons remain, our transparent souls are still magnetically attracted to tipping the balance on the sum of our totality in the universe.

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